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Introducing our

Riverview Recreation Complex

What we're building

Imagine a place for the entire community to gather, be active, and have fun all year long! The Riverview Recreation Complex (or RRC) will be a large, energy-efficient, and fully-accessible complex for swimming, field sports, public meetings, community events, and more. It’s where Riverview will come together!

The Riverview Recreation Complex WILL include:      

  • Competition-size indoor swimming pool and a leisure pool
  • Fieldhouse for indoor soccer, football, and more
  • Padded walking track
  • Community spaces for meetings, parties, classes, and more
  • Comfortable change rooms

Rooted in a commitment to accessibility, inclusivity, and activity, the RRC will be a jewel in the crown of Riverview for generations to come.

Why we're building our own complex

Active living, cultural celebration, and social connection are values that unite the citizens of Riverview. But our existing recreation infrastructure has declined to a point that these values aren’t as well supported as they should be. Not surprisingly, a recent feasibility study found that the people of Riverview are craving an accessible, year-round cultural and sporting complex. The RRC is the answer to the need: a shining example of the Town’s commitment to the health and well-being of everyone who calls Riverview home!

Where we're building it

The RRC will be built near Mill Creek— at the corner of Runneymeade Road and the newly built on the future Bridgedale Boulevard. It will be as accessible by transit and active transportation as by car, so everyone in Riverview will be able to enjoy it.

When it will be completed

After eight years of planning, the Riverview Recreation Complex is about to become a reality. Construction is projected to start at the end of this year, and we hope to begin inviting the community to enjoy their new RRC in 2023!

How we're paying for it

The value of the RRC to the Riverview community is immeasurable! But the investment needed to make it a reality is not. It will take $32.6 million dollars to bring this modern new complex to life. To get there, we need to raise $13 million from the federal government, $10.6 million from the provincial government, $7 million from the municipality, and $2 million from the community.

How you can help

Show your enthusiasm for the Riverview Recreation Complex! When you make a donation or share your excitement for this project on social media, you help prove that the community cares about the RRC. This is your chance to be part of something incredible for the community, for generations to come. 

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