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It doesn't matter how you contribute – just that you want to be a part of bringing the RRC to life! If you’d prefer to make a contribution in person or over the phone, rather than online, then please do. Thank you!

How and where to donate

To make a contribution in person, we invite you to visit Riverview Town Hall during regular business hours. The Municipal Payments Office on the main floor can accept your donation by credit card, debit, or cash, and will issue you a paper receipt. 

If you prefer to call, the Municipal Payments Office can accept your donation over the phone by credit card, and mail you a receipt.

Riverview Town Hall
30 Honour House Court
Riverview, New Brunswick
(506) 387-2020
8:30 a.m to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday

Major Gifts

If you’d like to make a more substantial contribution to the RRC project, we’d be excited and honoured to accept it. To make a major gift contribution, please contact the Campaign Office, at 506 387 2263. Thank you!   

Special thanks to out major gift contributors, including:

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